5 common mistakes we make when we put on our perfume!

The process we follow to apply our favorite perfume may seem simple. However, almost all of us make mistakes that cost us. The wrong habits can affect the quality of our perfume or even destroy it.

Below we present the 5 most common mistakes we make, and how to avoid them.

1. Shake the bottle before use

For years, people believed that they had to mix the ingredients of the perfume before using it. This is not the case since mixing it with air affects the chemical composition of the perfume.

2. Store the perfume in the bathroom

Our perfume is a living organism, like many others in our home. The fragrance should not be in a place that is constantly changing temperature. This can cause chemical reactions, as well as affect the freshness and smell of the perfume. Keep your scent at a constant room temperature.

3. Apply the perfume to the wrong areas

Never apply perfume on your clothes. Not only you ruin their fabric, but you also lose the smell of your perfume! The heat of our body is the activator for the different notes that each fragrance is based on. Areas where our veins are closest to the skin - the wrists, the neck, behind the ear and our knees, and even our heart - give pleasant results that last even longer.

4. Not moisturize the skin (and hair)

After the bath, most of us use moisturizer on various parts of our body. If the moisturizer you use is odorless, you can apply your perfume after applying. This will keep the scent longer while helping your skin stay hydrated!

5. Rubbing the wrists

We all do it. Once we put the perfume on our wrists, we rub them, believing that this will bring better results. This is a big mistake, since the friction of the wrists causes more heat in the area, while at the same time it adds enzymes (natural body odor) that change the result. The heat caused by friction dissolves the notes, which build up over time.