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PerfumeHeart is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

We value the protection of data, personal information and confidentiality. As part of this fundamental responsibility, PerfumeHeart is committed to protect and correctly use all personal information, referred as “personal data” that has been collected from our website or through other legitimate ways.

Our intention is to collect data that has been willingly supplied from our website visitors, in order to provide information on the products available, and to allow them to utilize our services.

The company named Perfumeheart (the company) informs the person whose personal information this concerns (the subject), who visits / uses the website , that the personal data processing is regulated by the following conditions, based on the ordinance of the respective current European and International legislation of personal data, as well as the relative decisions, instructions and modifying actions the Personal Data Protection dictates. The processing of your personal data by the company is in accordance to the General Act for Personal Data Protection (EU) 2016/679 (EU), subject to modification by the relative national and European legislation for the protection of personal information.

Processing Responsibility

Accountable for the procession is PerfumeHeart a property of AIKE TARGET LTD located in Nicosia.

Personal Data the company collects and processes

The company ensures the appropriate legal processing of personal data. Personal information is data which directly or indirectly relates to the subject, through identification elements such as name and e-mail address.

Upon completion and submission of the order, the subject fills in their name, e-mail address, shipping address and telephone number.

The personal information mentioned above is the minimum essential for the implementation of the subject’s request / order.

The subject ensures the personal information supplied is valid and accurate, and is responsible to notify the company upon changes or modifications made. Any loss or damage to the company or third party, due to incorrect, false or incomplete information on the submission form is the sole responsibility of the subject.

On the ordering page of the website there are some text fields. On those, the subject should not write confidential or sensitive information, such as their race or nationality, their ideology, political and religious philosophical views, information on their physical or mental wellbeing, their biometric or genetic information, criminal records, social security information, etc

Processing Purposes

The company and those assigned by the company, collect, process and use the subject’s personal information in accordance with the standing legal ordinances and the current briefing on Personal Data. The purpose of collection and processing of personal data is the communication of the company with the subject for the request recorded on the communication form or order form.

The company collects and processes personal information exclusively for the aforementioned purposes, and only to the strictly required extent for the effective accommodation of those purposes. This information is minimal and precise to the basic requirements of these purposes, and is accurate, otherwise subjected to change or update.

Data Security

The company’s processing procedure for personal information is carried out in ways that ensure complete confidentiality. The company takes all the appropriate measures, to avoid the accidental loss, destruction, corruption, transmission or access of the personal information. In general, regardless of the company’s actions to ensure personal data, there is no guarantee for the data transmitted through the website, since data transmission over the internet is not completely secure.

Data Recipients

The data recipient is PerfumeHeart itself and the people employed by the company working on its behalf.

The company guarantees it will not publicize, dispose, transfer etc the subject’s personal information to third parties for any use or purpose. However, it reserves the right to disclose information on the subject if the legislation introduces a relevant responsibility to do so, or if this publication is required by the government / governing bodies, or by law enforcement agencies.

Working under the company’s behalf to process data

The company collaborates with third party affiliates (eg couriers), which carry out data procession on the company’s behalf, in accordance to the latest directions of the aforementioned purposes of processing, and are responsible for the storage of the personal information submitted by the subject in the communication and order forms.


The company, in ensuring the correct operation of its website, may sometimes place small data batches in the subject’s personal computer, the so-called “cookies”.

Cookies are small script batches which are stored on your personal computer or mobile phone when you visit a website. Through the cookies, the website remembers your actions and preferences (such as language selection) for a period of time, and so you don’t need to readjust these settings every time you visit it. Furthermore, cookies are a form of feedback, so that we can assess the ways the website is used and optimize / correct certain faults accordingly.

You can find further information on cookies on the website

Display and statistic cookies are used on our website. The uses may erase any “cookie” files they wish, from their personal computer at any time. We inform you that doing so may affect your ease of access to the website, and the functionality / ease of use while browsing may be affected.

Third party suppliers, including Google, may show company advertisements in websites online.

Third party suppliers, including Google, may use cookies for updating, optimizing and displaying advertisements based on prior visits of the user in the website.

The website may also use cookies from a previous visit for purposes of remarketing.

You can set your browser to inform you before receiving any cookies, so you can decide whether to accept or reject them. In this case, you should take into account that you may be unable to use the entirety of the website’s capabilities.

Perfumeheart may use the functions of Google Analytics for promotional advertisements (e.g. remarketing, Google Display Network ads, Campaign Manager DoubleClick integration, demographic references and user interest references).

By using Ad Settings (, visitors may choose to be excluded from the display of advertisement by Google Analytics and adjust the ads displayed by Google Display Network.

Perfumeheart complies with Google Adwords’s Policy interest-based advertising and the restrictions for legally or culturally sensitive categories.

Perfumeheart and third party suppliers, including Google, use first-party cookies (such as Google Analytics cookies) for purposes of updating, optimizing and displaying advertisements according to the previous user visits in the website.

Perfumeheart may use Google interest-based advertising data, or third-party data (such as age, gender and interests) with Google Analytics.

Connecting to third party websites

Any redirection of our website through links, hyperlinks, banners, etc to third party websites does not entail or include our policy on personal information protection and data processing. The subjects need to ensure they are informed about personal information protection from the third party websites they may visit.

Access rights and denial

The subject has the right to know whether any of their personal information is or has been processed (access rights). Furthermore, the subject has the right to submit any objections on the processing of their personal information in writing. Access granting or denial can be enforced by email to the address, from the email the enquiry / order form was made, as to ascertain the subject’s identity.

Alternatively, the subject may refer to the company’s headquarters, telephone number 22282950, during which the company may request the validation of the subject’s identity before they can process their request.

Communication with the Commissioner of Personal Information Protection

In the case the subject feels their personal information is in any way abused, they may contact the Commissioner of Data Protection:

Iasonos 1, 1082, Lefkosia

P.O. Box: 23378, 1682, Lefkosia

Telephone: +357 22818456

Fax: +357 22304565


Please note this policy and the included terms are subject to change and to updates, and that it is the responsibility of the subject to be informed of the latest policy by checking these updates.

Latest update 2021